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unamerican activities

by Red Kate

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krotix Big sound from these guys, good rock and roll with punk spirit flowing over the top. Reminds me of the influence of some of proto punk bands like stooges, mc5 Favorite track: You Ought to Know.
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spaghettiwestern Their straightforward self-description sums up this no-bullshit punk band quite well. Like KC barbecue, it's steeped in tradition, simple, proletariat-celebratory, & extremely satisfying. Lead singer reminds me of D Boone & great Nick Lowe cover at the end. Favorite track: Punch the Clock.
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To maintain law and order you squeeze the stone until we bleed clampdown on the border the sweat and fear on which you feed outside the norms of culture I will not be your refugee and feed like a vulture 'cause you don't speak for me You don't speak for me No you don't You don't speak for me and you won't It's all a grand illusion You wrap yourself in what you own to create mass confusion Beware the seeds that you've sewn and false affirmation a twisted vine you cannot see to maintain isolation is why you don't speak for me You call us anti-social We're only voices in the cold We call it life as normal never doing what we're told Inside your grand delusion The winners may write history you won't see the revolution but you won't speak for me
Get Out 02:43
Let me tell you about the girl I love She's as sweet as a cherry tree and twice as tough Got a heart of someone twice her size with the weight of the world shining in her eyes She smolders hot like a cigarette but when she burns me I have no regrets Whitest lightning that you've ever seen goes down easy like gasoline Get out of the space I'm in I've got to find my lover got to let her in This time, I've got to get it right have no choice, can't give up the fight with the sun comes a better day I won't let her down, or let her get away
I Got a Gun 02:21
Late at night all alone with my AM radio God fearing patriots, they keep me in the know Drug gangs, terrorists and borders insecure Maintain our vigilance against the freedom-hating hordes We may be losing but the war has just begun you know the poor are not like us behind my wall I feel safe 'cause I got a gun FBI, NSA, IRS and ATF Free loading bureaucrats, and godless communists Put me down, call me out, but never think I'm dumb 'cause when you wrestle with a pig the game is zero sum
Better 02:27
Want to get up, but you're feeling down Want to get in, but you can't get around Want to go over, but you can't get by Mad enough to make you cry Want to shoot straight, but you ain't got a gun Want to win 'em all, but you ain't won one Well, you wanna be bad, but you're good for nothing Man, let me tell you something Anything has got to be better Anything has got to be better It's like an April fool double header Anything has got to be better You got to do something do something today Want to get loose, but you're so uptight Want to get loose, but you get in a fight Want to act real, but you act all blue That's about as real as a fake tattoo Want to get tight, but you get real high Want to take a bite, so you burn the pie You want respect, but they still talk trash until they're involved in your cash
You punch a clock in the morning You'll punch a clock 'til your dead But one of these days, boy you'll punch the boss instead When a man earned his station on the company floor it was his for the keeping but not anymore There's no room for the ordinary who stand idly by hoping and praying that their dreams aren't a lie What they preach in the boardroom is now what they teach in the school Survival of the fittest has become the golden rule It's going to be every man, woman, child for himself They tell you if you work hard there will be pie in the sky But what they fail to mention it's not until you die
Take It Back 04:14
There was a time in this country it wasn't that long ago a man could work a single job and keep his family fed and clothed But times are tough and getting tougher never seem to make ends meet The rich flourish while the people suffer one step off the fucking street The time is now to stand up, like those who've come before We've got the message, but you've got the cure Educate, agitate and organize If we want the power, then we've got to fight Held down by the weight of progress we isolate ourselves by wealth, age, sex and color and whatever else Red or blue or black or white doesn't matter when you're a mouse which side you pledge allegiance when it's the cats that run the house
Another young black man lying in the street dead four hundred years of racial hatred You say, "it's a shame, isn't it a pity? That's just life here living in the city" You ought to know by now You wanted change but you act the same There's no better way to define insane Pick up the news they ain't buying what you're selling 'cause the truth on the ground ain't the truth your telling One man is dead, the other is a liar So tonight we'll set this town on fire Don't let 'em tell you it's the way it's gotta be Nobody's free until everybody's free* A lot of people workin hard trying to make it better Black, white and brown we've got to come together You ought to know by now We want change but we act the same There's no better way to define insane All that we do keeps falling apart * Fannie Lou Hamer
On My Mind 02:33
When you find yourself looking in a new direction uncertain what the future has in store Just make sure what you see is not your reflection Keep moving forward and leave them wanting more And you're on my mind again Life races by, when you're taking it for granted not thinking about the ways that you might fall And you never know how hard until you've landed Without taking chances, where's the meaning in it all? Love is blind, love is free and love is fickle And when its cruel, it can bring you to your knees But when it's true, the answer is simple This love is yours for you to do with as you please
I Want You 01:41
I want it now I want it all I want you on your knees back against the wall I want a taste of your bittersweet Take a bite of you every time we meet This situation keeping us apart nothing but frustration right from the start I spark a fire when I touch you perish in the flame if I have to Just walk away I wish you would I couldn't leave now even though I should
She was stranded by the side of the road broke down with no place to go Was just a metaphor for her troubled life balanced on the edge of a knife So when he pulled up and offered a ride she had no choice but to step inside and she won't, no she won't walk away Nobody's gonna bring her down She doesn't need your love No man's gonna break her heart She doesn't need your love She just wants to be on top She doesn't need your love She's working for the minimum wage might as well still be a slave to a future in this one horse town that keeps her shopping at the lost and found She's got a tattoo on her back two kids with two different dads and she can't, no she won't walk away She told me that she's got a plan how she's going to leave her man She's gonna step out in the middle of the night guided by the pale moonlight She's going to head out to the west that's where the sun's the best and she ain't, no she ain't looking back
Another Friday night and I'm out at the bar She whispers in my ear let's go out to my car You only live once, what the hell? I should have seen by the look in her eye I was just a piece of meat there to satisfy the hunger of a cat on the prowl Her lips say yes but her eyes say no Her lips say yes but her eyes say no Her hands say yes but her hips say no Her lips say yes but her eyes say no She just wants my body She doesn't want my love It's driving me insane but I can't get enough I'm not the only one she's thinking of I'm all revved up and I'm four on the floor Got my head in her lap and she's begging for more Is it what I want? I don't know Another Friday night with a claw in my back I've got a tiger by the tail for a roll in the sack beats staying home, all alone She's never been afraid to take it over the line She gets what she wants baby, every time Do I get what I want? I don't mind
Waited 02:43
False start, jumped gun got to do it again Seems like it's been this way since I don't know when You and I go way back back before the dawn but this time it's over Baby, I'm gone I waited a long, long time for you but you didn't show Faint praise, flattery heard it all before tired empty rhetoric hollow to the core Crocodile apologies another sad excuse I could try to give a damn but what's the use? Smooth talk, code words to keep us on the hook Identity politics played by the book False hope and promises truth rearranged All these years have gone by and nothing's changed


released April 2, 2016



Duane Trower - recording, mixing and digital mastering engineer at Weights and Measures Soundlab, Kansas City, MO

Roger Seibel - vinyl mastering at SAE Mastering, Phoenix, AZ

Shaun Hamontree – cover art

Vinyl pressed at Quality Record Pressings, Salina, KS

Black Site
Kansas City, MO



all rights reserved



Red Kate Kansas City, Missouri

Red Kate is a no bullshit, class conscious punk rock & roll band from Kansas City that includes members of regional and national acts Wayback Machine, Squadcar, River City Revelators, and American Catastrophe. The band's sound tips a cap to the beer soaked barroom floors of the 70s British Pub-Rock scene and the modern blues-punk sound that has since taken root in Midwest dive bars and basements. ... more


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